Astronomical Society of Haringey





Over the years the Society has run a number of exhibitions, and has attended many astronomical events.

Below are a few examples


In spring 2016 the Society joined forces with Pollen House Pictures to prepare a short film for schools.

A number of local children were also involved in the project and the just under three minute movie, called “Out of this World”, can be seen on You Tube, using this link.

Those present saw great views of Jupiter and the Moon as well as seeing the International Space Station flying overhead!


A visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester in 2005.

l-r: Rosemary & Keeling Anthony; Charles Towler and Mike Roberts

In 2004, the Society set up a display at Ashmole School's Summer Event - though, as with most British summers - it rained...

Included in the picture are l-r: Mike Roberts; Gary Marriott; Charles Towler and (part hidden) Mitchell Sandler. Seated is Ernie Petit.


The Society at AstroFest.

Gary Marriott demonstrates the Baader Planetarium to a couple of young astronomers

The still newly-formed Society's second 'Space Age' Exhibition in 1971. Famous space artist, David Hardy, leans on ITN's Lunar Rover, borrowed for the event. In the seat is Founder, Fred Clarke's, God-son, Chris - he's a bit older now... ASH_SA2

A visit to the library of the Royal Astronomical Society with chief librarian, Peter Hingley, who is centre by the steps.

Peter sadly died in mid-2012.

An new exhibition was set up in the recently re-built Alexandra Palace Great Hall in 1997. Here are ASH Founder and past Chairman, Fred Clarke, (right) and the then - and current - Chairman, Jim Webb

Unfortunately it was the weekend of the death of Princess Diana, so not many people turned up...




Visiting Sir Isaac Newton's home, Woolsthorpe Manor near Grantham, July 2005. l-r: Mat Irvine; Mike Roberts; Gary Marriott; Keeling Anthony; Charles Towler and Rosemary Anthony

Yes they are apples we are dropping...

An observing session on Meridian Day at Pole Hill, June 1984.

Looking through the telescope, foreground, is Martin Egan.


The Society came out of the very first 'Space Age' Exhibition organised by Fred Clarke (left) at the Arts Centre, Wood Green, in 1970.

It was at this event that Patrick Moore came to give one talk, and ended up giving four!

Not an ASH event per se, but for the Total Solar Eclipse of 2006, several members of the Society individually made their way to Turkey, l-r: Jim Webb; Charles Towler and Mat Irvine.

Mike Roberts was also in the country, but at a different location

ASH_VenusTransit For the first of the pair of this century's Transits of Venus, (2004), the Society set up viewing facilities at Ashmole School.