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Next 'indoor' meeting is September 21st at Ashmole School. This will be reports on the Total Solar Eclipse that will take place August 21st over a lot of the USA

Solar Eclispe

image from the 2006 eclipse

For more details - see MEETINGS


It is difficult to currently hold Observing Evenings we are in the situation of Astronomical Twilight lasting, in effect, all night, so the skies will never really be dark.
But if an event warrants it, we will notify you.


OBSERVING EVENINGS - General Information

Updates via text, (if you have set this up),
and also check the Facebook page
Any queries, email

See the OBSERVING page for maps and details

There are new details, including a new membership and renewal form as a downloadable PDF, on the ABOUT page


A page has been set up in the MENU - OBSERVING - where the maps, details and photographs can now be found

However these outdoor meetings all depend on weather conditions, so arrangements are likely to be made close to any particular date, or could change that day. Consequently having your email and/or mobile phone number is getting more vital as you can be notified up to the minute. So - as we have asked before - anyone who hasn't already done so, (and are willing to do so), please send this and your mobile phone number to -
(This goes to Chairman: Jim Webb; Membership Secretary: Alister Innes and Treasurer: Kyri Voskou.)

This means they can text if necessary.

The Facebook page will also be used for the most up-to-date information

OBITUARIES has now moved to its own page.
Click direct, or it is linked from SPEAKERS



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