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The Committee are currently in discussion to see in what direction the Society should take.

We have been going for 50 years, but things change and the World is not now as it was back then!

Social media is now 'the big thing' and although we have this - the website - and a Facebook page, we likely need to expand further

Please stay with us while this is all discussed - and if you have your own view, please feel free to email the Chairman


Thursday 20th 2024
19.00hrs / 7.00pm


Mat Irvine :


Crews last visited the Moon 50 years ago - and are only just set to return with Project Artemis
But things could have been a lot different if the plans by such as Wernher von Braun, Chesley Bonestell and even Walt Disney had been acted upon
This presentation, by the Society's Editor, looks at how things could have turned out alternatively


see MEETINGS for more details

Guests welcome to any meeting -
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Currently we will continue to meet 'virtually' for the general meetings.

Our last venue, The Olde Mitre Inne in Barnet, is now not really suitable.

However Observing Evenings have to be 'live'!


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Visitors welcome - check by emailing the above address - then just turn up!

However these outdoor meetings all depend on weather conditions, so final arrangements are made close to the date - and could change that day. Consequently having your email and/or mobile phone number is useful as you can be notified up to the minute
So anyone who hasn't already done so - and of course wishes to do so - please send this and your mobile phone number to -
(This goes to Chairman: Jim Webb; Secretary/Membership Secretary: Alister Innes and Treasurer: Kyri Voskou.)

See MEETINGS for more details
- and how to get to the venue



Covers of '2002' from the past few years are on-line. Currently the bulk of the magazine is not there due to technical reasons - see that page.

There are new details, including a new membership and renewal form as a downloadable PDF, on the ABOUT page

A page has been set up in the MENU - OBSERVING - where the maps, details and photographs can now be found

The Facebook page will also be used for the most up-to-date information

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OBITUARIES has now moved to its own page.
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